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Michigan Standby Power LLC dba America's Generator Company is the brainchild of our founder - Garry Patricio. Garry is a US Navy veteran and has over 20 years of experience in power generation from military and commercial applications. He saw a gap in the maintenance and development of electric utility infrastructure that could potentially prove to be disastrous and fail to provide customers with electricity at a rising rate. Unfortunately, Garry was right and Michigan Standby Power LLC was born.

Along with providing our residential, commercial, and government customers with emergency standby generators, we are a provider of electrical parts and fuel. The electrical parts we provide are sourced from a Michigan small business electrical distributor and the fuel comes from a small business refinery in the Mid-West. We believe in supporting our local businesses.


Michigan Standby Power is closely monitoring the power outages in Michigan. Expect a call from us if you experienced a loss of electric utility. 

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39500 W. 10 Mile Rd. Ste 109

Novi, MI 48375

Tel: 734-905-1264

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